COMPUSHIFT II Range and Features

The COMPUSHIFT II is quite an understated and almost always under-utilized transmission controller. The functionality that we have worked so hard to implement over the past 15 years is quite frankly, amazing.

With the ability to control 40+ transmissions out of the box, the COMPUSHIFT II does in fact have the ability to do so much more than just make the auto shift. So we thought we would give you a run down of exactly what the COMPUSHIFT II can do.

SHIFT Control Strategies

The COMPUSHIFT II has been designed as an all rounder when it comes to automatic transmissions. Control strategies cover both accumulator controlled shifts as well as clutch-to-clutch shifts which covers the majority of transmissions used for conversions. 

Current control over variable force and variable bleed solenoids is also part of the COMPUSHIFT II suite of features ensuring that precise control of the solenoid is paramount with temperature compensation built right in to adjust the solenoid current as the transmission fluid comes up to operating temperature.

Variable control over every aspect of the transmission is there to adjust to suit your needs. From prefill to release pressure, everything can be asdjusted through the hand held display programmer or through the PC tools available for both Windows and Mac


Torque Converter Clutch application can be controlled in 3 different ways depending on the transmission:

  • Basic on/off control (generally for older transmissions)
  • Ramp on over time (when engine RPM is not accessible)
  • Full Regulation control (giving a smooth, precise application)

Add to that the choice of three options when it comes to the parameters around when to engage the Torque Converter Clutch: Basic,  Advanced or Manual.

Basic parameters gives you overall control over the Torque Converter Clutch engagement automatically using a single speed, throttle position and gear parameter.

Basic Torque Converter Lockup Control

Basic Torque Converter Lockup Control

Advance parameters gives you independent adjustment of engagement speed parameters for each gear based on torque calculation of engine. This means you can really dial in the perfect speed/torque point for the Torque Converter Clutch to engage.

advanced Torque converter lockup control parameters

The TECH details

  • Twelve solenoid drivers including PWM with automatic short circuit protection
  • Switched Input/Output Control of up to 14 Inputs
  • Three revolution sensor inputs
  • Adjustable reproduced revolution sensor output (for driving cluster speedo)
  • Dual independent CANBUS Connections
  • Standalone or EFI Throttle Position Sensor Input
  • Programmable via CAN Interface using PC Tools for Mac and Windows

Of course this is just a bunch of jargon if the controller can't be interfaced correctly with the transmission or the vehicle. This is where the primary benefit of the HGM COMPUSHIFT II Transmission Controller steps out into a league of it's own.

The COMPUSHIFT II comes with dual independent CANBUS networks that you can digitally interface with numerous engine control systems using various protocols including J1939, Chrysler CANC, Duratorq, GMLAM, AEM. Alternatively if you are running a mechanical engine then there are suite of analogue inputs to handle those engines too.

The COMPUSHIFT II currently has the pre-programmed control software for over 40+ transmissions, ranging from the basic GM 4 Speed auto right up to the complex high torque Toyota 6 Speed auto. All of these pre-programmed transmissions have a base tune that will work out of the box, with the ability to make overall adjustments to all shifts or finite adjustments to each individual shift.

This gives you the confidence that when you install the COMPUSHIFT II, the system will work without you needing the in-depth knowledge needed to configure the solenoid application patterns. Coupled with plug and play transmission looms with the factory connections, it makes the installation of the COMPUSHIFT II extremely easy.


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