On the Horizon... Ford 6R80

We are continually advancing our software and transmission support as new transmission options become available. Our next major project that is very close to being complete is for the Ford 6R80 6 Speed Automatic Transmission.

This is an extremely popular transmission all around the world used in takeouts and conversions. With great combination of gear ratios for off road and on road, the 6R80 coupled with the COMPUSHIFT II standalone transmission controller, provides the ability to fit this transmission in a variety of vehicle and engine combinations.

6R80 Gear Ratios


Our COMPUSHIFT II 6R80 Kit will come with a plug and play transmission loom with the factory connectors making installation a breeze. And due to our proactive approach to making transmission control easy, the behind the scenes operation of the transmission is already done. With only a bit of fine tuning to make the shifts perfect depending on the power output of the engine.

Stay tuned while we put the finishing touches on the 6R80 system.