AccuLink TPS Kit

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The AccuLink TPS system is the combination of a sensor, brackets, and linkage that bolts directly to most of the popular carburetors. This system replaces the traditional cable-actuated throttle position sensor.  

Carburetor and cables not included.


  • The AccuLink Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) kit detects the degree of throttle input on a non-EFI engine and provides this information to your COMPUSHIFT system.

  • AccuLink Throttle Position Sensor fits most small four barrel Edelbrock AFB, Holley, and Rochester carburetors. 

  • The sensor is a spring-loaded, fully sealed rotary position potentiometer specifically designed for automotive use.

  • All linkages, brackets, screws and nuts are stainless steel for corrosion resistance and longer life.

  • The linkage and brackets are laser-cut for extreme accuracy.

  • The sensor mounts directly to the carburetor and connects via a metal linkage. This eliminates installation and calibration difficulties that can occur with cable-driven

You will require a compatible plug to connect the AccuLink TPS to your system.  If you do not have a compatible plug then we recommend our TPS plug and flying lead kit.

Because the cable system and the AccuLink TPS use the same basic sensor and compatible wiring harnesses, we also offer an inexpensive upgrade available to existing customers who own the cable system.

Customers who are using a Lokar™ cable, may wish to purchase the AccuLink Bracket for Lokar Throttle Cables.

Customers using a Barry Grant Six Shooter™ carburetor and manifold should use the Six Shooter™ AccuLink.

Suitable existing installations that use the Cable-operated Throttle Position Sensor can be upgraded to use the AccuLink Throttle Position Sensor.



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